It has been a long standing tradition that Rotarians should wear a Rotary pin.  When do you wear your Rotary pin?  To club meetings, district meetings and events, all of the time or never?
I asked Barry Kroll, PDG, of the Madison Club why he wears his Rotary pin.  He said, “I try to wear my Rotary pin all of the time, but I could do better.  I wear my Rotary pin because I am a proud Rotarian, I am proud of my club, its members, our service projects, our scholarships, charitable distribution and more.  I am proud of the District, and I am proud of Rotary International, the best worldwide service organization.  Millions of people are helped every year, thousands of lives saved and we are now on the verge of eliminating Polio from the world.”
Think – if every Rotarian wore their Rotary pin every day, worldwide there would be thousands more conversations about Rotary every day.  What would that do for membership growth, how much more could we accomplish as a worldwide organization?

So it is up to you.  Do you want to keep Rotary a secret or do you want to tell people about Rotary?  Wearing your Rotary pin will provide you the opportunity to talk about Rotary as well as letting people know you are part of one of the best organizations in the world.

If you need a replacement pin or additional pins contact your Club president.