JUNE 2017
Upcoming Events
Rotary International Convention
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
Camp Merry Heart Service Day
Aug 08, 2018
2:30 PM – 6:30 PM
West Orange 90th Birthday
Mayfair Farms
Oct 20, 2018
Eat, Drink and Share Foundation Fundraiser
The Pines Manor
Nov 12, 2018
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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Membership Report    
April 2017    
Club # YTD +/-
Belleville 7 -1
Belvidere 8 0
Bernardsville 31 3
Blairstown  26 -4
Bloomfield 15 -3
Branchville 28 -2
Caldwells 29 -7
Cedar Grove 12 -3
Chatham 12 1
Chester-Long Valley 8 -1
Denville 45 -1
Denville Sunrise  11 -3
Dover 12 -2
East Orange 6 1
Fairfield No Report
Florham Park 17 3
Glen Ridge  18 -1
Hackettstown No Report
Hampton Twp.  No Report
Hanover 26 -1
Irvington 10 0
Jefferson Twp. 26 4
Lake Hopatcong 21 0
Livingston 15 1
Livingston Sunrise 24 0
Madison 83 15
Maplewood 23 3
Mendham 21 9
Montclair 16 -2
Montville 9 0
Morris Plains 60 0
Morristown 56 1
Mount Olive 3 -2
Mt. Lakes-Boontons No Report
Netcong-Stanhope 17 0
Newark 24 -3
Newton 78 -6
Nutley 32 4
Parsippany-Troy Hills 16 0
Pequannock Valley 52 6
Phillipsburg 28 -1
Randolph 20 0
Rockaway 25 1
Roxbury 24 -1
South Orange 7 -1
Vernon 22 3
Wallkill Valley 20 2
Washington No Report
West Orange 42 0
Wharton-Mine Hill 10 2
District 7470 1175 -16
Congratulations to these clubs for their excellent attendance in April!    
Denville Sunrise   98.0%
Morris Plains   92.0%
Belvidere   91.0%

District Governor
Margit Rahill, DG (Mike) – Jefferson Twp.
(H) 973-398-3607 (B) 973-361-2810
(C) 201-602-8621
District Governor Elect
Peggy Mader, DGN (Maurie) – Par/T.Hills
(H) 973-538-6666 (C) 973-495-2230
District Governor Nominee
John B. Wilson, DGE (Joyce) – Newark
(H) 973-267-5059 (B) 908-277-3424
District Governor Designee
Ray Freaney, DGD (Suzanne) – Madison
(H) 908-464-5391 (C) 908-803-4602
Immediate Past District Governor
Frank Geraghty, PDG (Pat) – Phillipsburg
(B) 908-213-0055 (C) 610-662-4635
District Secretary
Cookie Pocchia (Louis) – Morris Plains
(C) 973-476-7768
District Treasurer
Ray Freaney (Suzanne) – Madison
(H) 908-464-5391 (C) 908-803-4602
District Parliamentarian
Cassandra Graham - Irvington
(C) 862-220-7524
District Trainer
Barbara Miller (Ned) – Newton
(H) 973-875-8552 (C) 973-903-3845
Larry Ripley, PDG, Editor – Morris Plains
        P O Box 25
        Morris Plains, NJ 07950
        (H) 973-539-4598
Rodney Seifert, Publisher – Rockaway
        (H) 973-627-5256 (C) 201-723-1882
Bob Coultas, PRID – Morristown
        (H) 973-377-2292 (B) 973-267-1618
Ted Krisanda, PDG - Morris Plains
        (H) 973-644-9884   (C) 973-452-7305
Barry Kroll, PDG, Technical Support – Madison
        (H) 973-660-0534 (C) 973-476-2772
Mike Rabasca, PDG - Madison
        (H) 973-543-4768  (C) 973-866-8373
W. Jay Wanczyk - Pequannock Valley
        (H) 973-513-5122
Tony Toriello – Denville
        (H) 973-625-1362 (C) 201-280-8010
Karien Ziegler, PDG - West Orange
        (C) 973-216-5881
The DG, immediate PDG and all nominated Governors are members of this committee.  
Bulletin Editor
Larry Ripley
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The Final Chapter...June

It is hard to believe that the 2016-2017 Rotary year is coming to an end. It has been an exciting year, an unbelievable year and unforgettable year for me.

When I embarked on my journey to become a District Governor there was no way to imagine the new friendships I would make not only in our district but outside of our district and around the world.  Traveling to Toronto then to Winnipeg with other Rotarians in the Governors Chain, we met, we discussed, and we shared our hopes and dreams for that special year.  And now here is the final 30 days of this remarkable journey. 

Jay's Rotary Jam
With the District Conference and District Assembly both history by the time this is published, there are only a few District-wide activities planned for June.
WALKFEST is happening on June 25th at the Loantaka Brook Reservation. Remember, for every hundred dollars in pledges that you raise, your club gets back $50 of that, and you will receive $50 in Rotary foundation credits.
The DISTRICT BANNER EXCHANGE, where Peggy Mader will move up to be our new District Governor, is set for June 28th at Il Villiagio in Morris Plains.  It is always fun to get a group from your club to attend and meet other district Rotarians in a social setting.  We will also thank outgoing Governor Margit Rahill for her “Service Above Self” this past year and wish Peggy's new administration well for the coming year!
And now on to the clubs!
Nutley Rotary welcomed new member Dan Carnicella who is currently president of the Nutley Board of Education.  Dan works in finance. Welcome, Dan! 
It seems that the Scholarship Committee was disappointed that only thirteen applications were received.  As four scholarships will be awarded, those seem like good odds for the applicants, though! PDG John Dinan gave a brief report on their recent Beefsteak, which was successful enough that next year’s is already scheduled for April 14, 2018.The Dinans reminded club members that they would be hosting a cookout after the Memorial Day Parade – that is one way to get good club participation!
John also reported on the "Twelve Days of Terror" which dealt with shark attacks along the New Jersey Shore in 1916.  In 1891 it was announced that Science proved that sharks do not attack humans. (A $500 prize was posted for anyone to disprove this in a court of law).   In 1916 there were deadly attacks by Great White Sharks (or a shark) along the New Jersey shore, but the press and the public did not believe it to be the work of a shark because of the scientific fact that "sharks do not attack humans." Finally one Joseph Dunne was able to prove that these attacks were the result of shark attacks as he was the only person to survive a shark attack during that summer. This tragic episode is one good reason why “scientific facts” are never settled. Nutley also heard fittingly enough, about health insurance, specifically Medicare, Part’s A, B, C and D.
We learned from reading Nutley’s bulletin that Livingston Rotary was actively promoting their Duck Race which will be June 10 from 1 to 4 pm.  The ducks "launch" at 3 pm.  Tickets are $10.
Morris Plains had their annual golf outinga few weeks ago. We heard that the weather cooperated and it was a beautiful day. The weather did not hold out a couple of weeks later for “Uncle Frank’s Fishing Contest” at Community Park. It was a little wet that day but reportedly there was still a good crowd and fun for all the kids. The largest fish caught was not a great white shark, but a 17 inch trout! As we head into the last month of the Rotary year, they, like many others, are looking forward to their annual Installation Dinner.
Morris Plains heard from an interesting selection of speakers, too.  From Caring Transitions in Rockaway came Diane Vezzulo who is a certified Relocation and Transition Specialist, who spoke on of senior relocation services.  Next up was Kendra Williams of Moody Investor Services who told about how her company rates bonds in the market place and of the default of Puerto Rico and its effect on bond holders. Next up was Elizabeth Nuss, from the Morris / Sussex County Office of Family Resources and is a recruiter for foster & adoptive families.  Their most recent speaker was Geoffrey Weinman, PhD, Dean of Fairleigh Dickinson’s Maxwell Becton College of Arts & Sciences, located on the Florham Park campus.  Geoffrey reviewed the history of the college itself and then told about theFlorham Institute for Lifelong Learning, centered on students 62 and older.
If your club is looking for interesting speakers why not reach out to one of these?
Branchville welcomed a new member, Seth Orr.  Welcome, Seth!  They continued the recognition of outstanding students and Amanda Flannery has been chosen as the Branchville Rotary Student of the Month from High Point HS. They are planning on filling the flower boxes in Branchville Park in the next few weeks.
Some Rotary clubs wait until year’s end to make local grants and awards, and Branchville is one of them. They are reviewing the recommendations and will be voting on them soon. Because so many of their club were participating in the District Conference or off on other business, their May 5thmeeting was informal and publication of their bulletin was suspended. But this was but only after Jeff Hatch, editor of “The Mountain Air” had prepared a Cinco de Mayo bulletincover showing a giant Saguaro cactus planted in front of Branchville’s Sussex Fair stand and the people wearing Mexican costume, so he just published just the cover! Clever fun!
Branchville heard from the President of the Sussex County Bird Club, DonnaTraylor, who spoke on the topic of “Birds inSussex County.” Mayor Tony Frato of Branchville Boro gave an update about the progress on sewers, with natural gas service being installedat the same time, noting that two-thirds of the town subsequently switched to gas. They also heard about Blue Mountain Day Camp of Sussex County YMCA, now have over 9000 members and currently expanding. Three more good ideas for programs for your own club to consider: local hobbyists, your mayor and the “Y.”
Click "Read More" to see what other clubs are doing....
District Conference - A Great Success!
The countless hours of preparation and organization were done.  Programs and plenary sessions were finalized, gift bags filled, name tags prepared.  Speakers were in place.  All was ready.
VTT - A First for District 7470!
In a first for Rotary District 7470, a Vocational Teaming Team (VTT), consisting of four firefighters from North Jersey was sent to Sopron, Hungary, for two weeks in April.  There they participated with their brethren Hungarian firefighters in training exercises in both Hungary and Austria.  Firefighting techniques and knowledge were shared. 
Great Fun for Family and Friends!
On June 25th, Walkfest 2017 will begin at 9:00am in Loantaka Brook Reservation in Morristown.  After a light al fresco breakfast, we will walk approximately 1.5 miles through the park, returning to enjoy a picnic lunch with our friends and family.  Walkfest is open to any non-profit group and is a great opportunity to raise funds for your club or organization.  Half of all the funds you raise are returned to your club and half supports the RI Foundation with their work here and around the world.
District-Wide Raffle Successful!
Thank all of you who participated in the 2017 District Wide Raffle. This year we grossed over $37,000 and gave away 61 prizes. First prize was over $11,000 (which was won by Michael Karu of the West Orange Club) with 20 second prizes of $188 and 40 third prizes of $88.00.
Women In Rotary
Do you recall when there weren’t women in Rotary?  If you do, that means you have been in Rotary more than 30 years.
Congratulations to you old timers, oh, excuse me, long-time Rotarians!  You are very dedicated men and have had the privilege of serving the public under the garb of Rotary.
Camp Merry Heart Service Club Day
Camp Merry Heart
 Service Club Day
                    August 9, 2017
              “Thank You” Ceremony
                      BBQ Dinner
     Join us for a day of fun, appreciation
and learning at one of our district’s premier projects.
        For information and directions contact
        Bob Markman at
Bowling Highlights
The season of bowling has officially ended with a winning team and there is always next year for the rest.  This year our “End of the Season Banquet” will be in Denville.  You are going to have to be a member to enjoy this night out with good friends and fine dining.
It would be nice to see clubs getting teams together.  We have probably heard most of the reasons why Rotarians can’t or won’t join, but putting that aside, before next season schedule a club meeting or get together at a bowling alley and see what it’s like. You might like it!
Breakfast Mingle
Rotary District Merger Working Group
Rotary International is working with Rotary Districts 7470 and 7510 to effectuate a new combined district stretching from High Point in Sussex County to the I-195 corridor in Mercer County. We expect the Rotary Committee on Districting to recommend approval of the merger in July and for the Rotary International Board of Directors to vote on it in September. If the process stays on that schedule, the districts will be merged on July 1, 2018, over a year away.
To begin planning for the integration of the two cultures, a working group of district leaders from both districts has started to meet to look at how best to accomplish the changes needed to make the merger succeed. Among the many aspects under study are finances and budgets; technology; bylaws, committee structures; programs; websites; newsletters; and a host of other topics shared by the districts. It has become evident that there are many similarities between the two districts that smooth the process.
This working group first met in the winter and had a second meeting recently. The next meeting will be in July, with further meetings held as the topics arise. The working group has established small committees to look at singular topics and report back to the group in July.
Rather than sharing progress step by step, our next communication will most likely be to announce that the merger has been approved and that the two districts are working on actual implementation so we meet the July 1, 2018 start date for the new district.
If you have any questions, please contact your respective District Governors. This is an exciting time, as some eighty-three clubs with almost 2,200 Rotarians will comprise the new district. Thank you for your patience with the process. Enjoy the summer!
Programs of Note


NJ Division of Child Protection & Permanency is looking for people to become foster or adoptive parents of at-risk children.

To schedule a presentation, please contact outreach coordinator Elizabeth Nuss at or at 973-383-8400, ext. 305.

To learn about interesting and available programs for your Rotary Club, or to suggest one for this column, contact Mary Ann Seeko at


Interesting programs of both Rotary and non-Rotary topics can be found on the District Web Site under “Speakers Bureau”.


Belgian Rotarian Visits Morris Plains

Patrick Dounk, a Rotarian from Ieper, Belgium was in Morris Plains recently to visit family living there. He paid a visit to the Morris Plains Rotary meeting and exchanged club banners with Morris Plains Cookie Pocchia.